Our Partners

Saife Vetmed Pvt. Ltd., India

A manufacturing and marketing company having established itself in India within a short span of five years has carved out Saife Overseas Pvt. Ltd. to focus on its core and noncore manufacturing & marketing activities to fulfil its global aspiration. The company has got well equipped research facility, manufacturing site, quality assurances labs to support their technical, sales and marketing team with not only existing product range but also to preserve quality in their product and future development & innovation. The group is led by knowledgeable and experienced management team to lead company into future in all their endeavours.

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Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd., India

Saife Overseas is in exclusive tie up with one of the biggest herbal company from India, Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd (formerly known as Cattle Remedies) having its presence in Indian market for more than 3 decades & a well known name in manufacturing and marketing of Cattle, Poultry & Pet segment. The company is well supported by a large manufacturing and research facility specialized in handling all kinds of formulations out of plant material. The company is a serious contender in leading this science of nature i.e. Ayurveda into global arena out of top 3-4 herbal companies.

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